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      21 Jan

    Western Star logging truck soon to be completed, looking forward to getting my kitchen table back!

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      24 Nov

    Could the lovely admin put my Star Trek Voyager in the WIP section as Ive started the head in the completed works. Sorry guys.

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      17 May

    Hello guys, Just wanted to say it's great to be back building again! I can't believe how long it's been.

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Narrowing down on the performance issues

May 31 2012 10:16 AM | peter in Miscellaneous

I wanted to give everyone an update and assure you that I take these performance issues seriously. I have been spending a lot of time looking over a lot of things and I feel I have narrowed it down to a possible root cause.
I have logged a call with a service provider to see if my assumptions are correct. Please watch this space, in the meanwhile, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Upgrade to address performance issues

May 29 2012 07:50 AM | peter in Miscellaneous

In order to try and address the slowness issues encountered from time to time, I will upgrade eScale to the latest stable release of the software that includes several fixes (most notable some of the gallery issues and performance issues).

I will also upgrade the MySQL server to try and improve the performance aspect. I will plan for the change to happen this Friday.

Please watch this space.

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Copy and Paste Issue

Mar 08 2012 05:18 AM | peter in Miscellaneous

I've been working through the copy and paste issue. It appears to be a security setting in moderns browser to stop application accessing the clipboard automatically.
A work around is to use the copy and paste options built in to the eScale editor. To do so, click on the paste icon to paste your text.

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Performance Issue

Mar 06 2012 08:05 AM | peter in Miscellaneous

I have noticed and have been informed by some members that we are experiencing some performance problems during peak usage. I've been working behind the scenes to identify and address the issue.

I am in the process of preparing an upgrade of our back end database system which could alleviate the issue. I aim to do the work over the weekend.

I ask for your patience during this time whilst I work through the teething issues and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

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New Portal

Mar 04 2012 10:11 AM | peter in Miscellaneous

Hi Everyone,

I have updated the portal feature with new software that will enable me to integrate areas of eScale that have been otherwise difficult in the past. I have released the beta version of the portal for your feedback.
If there are certain features that you feel will enhance the portal please let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.
I'm still working on Chat integration so look out for that soon as well as eStash integration.

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